Wednesday, January 4, 2012


At times silence is comfortable
At times silence hurts
And there are times when silence is all that is left.

Is silence a precious gift for only some
Feels it only to me..?
Can I hide a thunder in this cocoon?
Will it splash out and destroy all that I've been?

Is silence  not a curse? Am I wrong all along?
silence is the signature of death isn't it?
I still see the scars it wedged in the past.
How can I believe otherwise?
every tear I wiped in quaking silence
wasn't it a witness?

It's the residue of separation
Could it be anything else?
it was a shield I embraced to hide
Could it be anywhere related to light?

Why is HE surrounded with praises?
HE'd comes with blowing trumpets
HIS voice is Like Rushing waters.
Where is place for silence?

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