Thursday, February 16, 2012


In misdt of the  storm that surrounded
I kept sobbing 

If only this wrecking stops
I would smile again

If only this pain would leave
I would dance again

If only this crashing ends
I would dream again

Foolishly; I'm hanging to my if's

He has no If's He sings over me.
He has no if's HE delights in me.
He has no if's he has plans for me
Marvelous things! mind you!

Did I deserve HIM? Awe! NO.
Did HE deserve me? Heck NO!
With no if's HE says I care for you
With no if's HE says I never forget

Staggered I asked YOU have no if's???

No Joice, I do have an if.  Just one. 

HE is too good to be true
Aaand HE is in love with me!!
Chose me, dreamt of me
Designed me and dances over me.

In HIS embrace all the if's flew away:)))