Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Also the one I would live for!

Fought the roaches for me so I wouldn't be scared 
Ran to fight the unseen enemy in the dark coz I was afraid.
I didn't need a knight on horse shining and armored.
He was my hero.
The one I would die for! 

As a teacher he is a festival that came in class everyday.
As a preacher he is a lover of the cross on display.
As a writer and philosopher he valued people always and ever more than money.
He was my hero. 
The one I wanted to live up to.

He's an example in kindness to poor and needy . I admired him
His poetry set fire in places dark and shady. I Adored him.
He won hearts everywhere. People sang his glory.Always proud of him!
He is my hero! 
The one I would die for!

Love greater and stronger than grave
He stalled death for my sake. 
He stood as an epitome of Fathers love!
He is my hero! The one I would die for! 
Also the one I would live for! 

-ever yours

Feb 24'th,2016