Thursday, January 26, 2012

Only You

Only You existed in that infinite void and You desired of me!
On a glorious day I breathed in your arms, Your bride-to-be
Here  Iam, in our together forever towards a happily ever after
For me its a  journey of awe as I step closer
Diving into your heart deeper and
mastering the expression of wonder......
I couldn't but boast of you 
Oh strong and mighty tower, 
I have eyes for no other 
Gentle as dew, You are The faithful and true
I'm sold out to you on the day you came to my rescue

(July 24, 2010)


REVOLUTION! is what's on my mind.
REAWAKENING! is what I breathe
RESTORATION! is what we'll find
REJUVENATION! is what that'll come forth
RESURRECTION  will be the cause and REVIVAL will break out
A generation dead to reasons will Arise 

(September 6, 2010)

Your Garden

A closed garden!
A fountain enclosed!
A mountain hidden!
A valley adorned!
A song forgotten!
A laughter unheard!
A dream unseen!
Soaring above the realm of existence!
A beauty unveiled!

(March 25 2011)


అమావాస్య కాలంలో వెన్నెల వర్షానికై ఎదురుచూపులు 
నిశ్శబ్దం  స్థానే  ఆనందపు ఉరుములు  వినదలిచిన చెవులు 
కలగనే ధైర్యమున్న వివేకినా?
కలతను స్నేహించలేని  మూర్ఖత్వమా  ?

ఎడారిలో సముద్రపొడ్డు నిర్మిస్తున్నా
అడవి బూడిదలో అమృతాన్ని వెతుకుతున్నా
కాసుల వర్షాన్ని కలగంటున్న నెలజీతగాణ్నా?
సకలైశ్వర్యవంతుడు నా తండ్రని ధీమానా?

కనులలో వగపు కాదు నగవులు నింపుకున్నా
కాటికి కాదు కళ్యాణానికి సిద్ధపడుతున్నా
పరిస్థితులకి తలవంచకపోవటం వెర్రితనమా?
పిలిచిన నీపై నమ్మకమా? 

నివురు గప్పిననిప్పులో  అగ్నినేత్రాల ఆవశ్యకత 
నిలువుటద్దానికి మించిన ప్రతిబింబానికి కాంక్ష 
దూరాన్ని నిందించలేని నాది చేతకానితనమా
నీ మనసెరిగిన అర్ధాంగి  లక్షణమా !

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


At times silence is comfortable
At times silence hurts
And there are times when silence is all that is left.

Is silence a precious gift for only some
Feels it only to me..?
Can I hide a thunder in this cocoon?
Will it splash out and destroy all that I've been?

Is silence  not a curse? Am I wrong all along?
silence is the signature of death isn't it?
I still see the scars it wedged in the past.
How can I believe otherwise?
every tear I wiped in quaking silence
wasn't it a witness?

It's the residue of separation
Could it be anything else?
it was a shield I embraced to hide
Could it be anywhere related to light?

Why is HE surrounded with praises?
HE'd comes with blowing trumpets
HIS voice is Like Rushing waters.
Where is place for silence?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Toiling in Longing

Trying to hold on with everything in me
Like a flag on a pole..
Where is the hoister?
Where has he gone?

Would He come again?
He the one who said it is finished 
and planted me on this rock
is He on His way?

He who graced this city
He who came when it's in ruins
Yes HE the one who built me on this hill
Is He running late?

He the one who's always alive..
He the one who's always thinking about me
He the one whose love never fails
Is He reconsidering his visit?

Your bride await's you dear LAMB
Your vineyard is ready for harvest
The wild beasts gather to destroy what's yours
Holding this blazing sword, I'm awake all night

I know you wud come I know you promised
I know it wud be like a thief in the night
But Come ! It's almost dawn again..
Come before the morning breaks.

O,Tell HIM
Tell HIM...I'm longing
Tell HIM I stopped singing
Glimpses were always  joyful
Now I long for the display as it is!